Below are the reports that have been posted by strategic planning process organizers since the effort’s inception. The campus has been committed from the outset to transparency and to creating multiple avenues for community feedback, so we have made draft reports available even in their preliminary state.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee Draft Report (PDF) [Revised August 2018]

The campus released the preliminary draft report of the strategic planning steering committee on April 24, 2018. This report contains conclusions and recommendations that rise above and cut across the work of the four working groups.

This report does not cover all of the issues the working groups addressed, but rather those that the committee felt were most essential. Nor does it describe in detail the full context and rationale for individual recommendations. For additional completeness and detail, please review the reports of the four individual working groups.

Working Group Reports

The strategic planning process was organized into four working groups, each of which tackled a topic of central importance to the campus. Below are the four working groups’ reports and supporting documents.

Signature Initiatives — What are the critical issues and challenges facing our state, our nation, and our world that Berkeley is particularly well suited to address?

Student Experience — What investments and changes in our instructional and co-curricular programs would have the greatest impact on the quality of our students’ experience?

Enrollment — Accepting that enrollment growth is not entirely within the campus’s control, what do we see as the preferred enrollment level for Berkeley and how should this enrollment be distributed?

Financial Strategies — How can Berkeley foster a sustainable financial model with an evolving diversity of revenue sources?

Feedback on the draft steering committee report and the working groups’ reports can be submitted through this web site.

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