Berkeley’s strategic planning exercise was guided by the following fundamental institutional values and commitments:


broadly conceived and expressed in the composition of our faculty, students, and staff; and the breadth and inclusiveness of our academic programs, research enterprise, and public service


an unwavering commitment to maintaining Berkeley as a research university of the very highest quality in all of its endeavors


in the spirit of California’s position on the nation’s geographic, social, and intellectual frontier, as well as Berkeley’s historic place at the forefront of scientific and academic research and social movements, a drive to constantly push the boundaries of knowledge in our research and scholarship, as well as in pedagogy, instructional technology, and operations

Public mission

consistent with our founding as California’s land grant university and with the state and federal support that has contributed to our success, a commitment to egalitarian and democratic values; to research and scholarly work that serves our community, our state, our nation, and the world; to providing access for students from all backgrounds and communities; and to fostering in our students, faculty, and staff a strong ethic of public service and social justice

Accountability and transparency

consistent with our public mission and our belief in the intrinsic value of knowledge and information, a commitment to transparency in our operations, sound stewardship of our resources, and honest and respectful dealings with all members of the campus community as well as the larger society we serve