Below is a series of questions and answers related to Berkeley’s strategic planning process. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please submit feedback to the strategic planning process facilitators.

A strategic planning process is a structured way for an organization to define its near- and long-term goals and to establish a strategy for reaching them. Such a process takes into account an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats presented by the environment in which it operates. Berkeley’s strategic planning process will provide an opportunity for its leaders and its constituencies to consider how the campus can best serve its educational, research, and public service mission amidst change at the institution, in the state of California, and within the modern higher education environment.

Berkeley’s last strategic plan was completed in 2002, when the university had different priorities and was facing a separate set of challenges. Berkeley is in need of a new guiding framework to serve as a compass that will allow the institution to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges it faces today.

At the end of the strategic planning process, the committee will assemble a high level briefing document that will be presented to the chancellor and to the public. The document will identify goals and directions the campus should pursue as it charts its course for the next ten years.

Chancellor Christ and EVCP Alivisatos solicited nominations to the four working groups from a host of faculty, staff, and student leaders including members of the chancellor’s cabinet, deans, Academic Senate leaders and key committees, and the ASUC and GA presidents. Final working group rosters were selected by Christ and Alivisatos based on subject matter expertise, institutional knowledge and experience, and diversity of perspectives.

Chancellor Christ has stated her intention to use the results of this planning process as a framework to guide priority setting and decision making in the near term. It will also inform other campus planning efforts that are under way or soon to be undertaken, such as the renewal of our Long Range Development Plan.

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